SharePoint курсы виртуальной Microsoft Virtual Academy — февраль 2015

Лучшие практики SharePoint 2013
You know that best practices are patterns, implementations, and configurations that have repeatedly proven themselves as a way to achieve a high quality and reliable solution. But what does this look like for SharePoint 2013? Get the details from experts Brian Alderman and Christopher Harrison, as they share best practices based on their real-world experiences planning, training, installing, updating, optimizing, and troubleshooting SharePoint 2013.

Глубокое погружение в компоненты и сервисы SharePoint

If you’d like a deep dive into the many building blocks available within the SharePoint platform that can be consumed via the Office 365 apps and API, be sure to take this course. A team of experts leads you through advanced workflow scenarios in Office 365, using the SharePointREST API to create SharePoint lists for data storage, SharePoint 2013 Remote Event Receivers, and more.

Обновление до SharePoint 2013