Должны ли мы использовать SharePoint для реализации бизнес приложений?

Business Application SharePoint Suitability Checklist
Question Notes
How complex is the requirement, and are there existing products available? We aren’t going to build a finance package from scratch on SharePoint (I hope), but we may integrate SharePoint to one.

Примечание- достаточно простые формы пользовательского интерфейса, несложное взаимодействие с пользователем. Процессы могут быть сложными.

What is the likely load and data volume? SharePoint 2010 scales pretty well but it isn’t the best choice for very heavy loads and data volumes. We probably wouldn’t use it to manage ticket sales for the Olympics.
Are we constrained by time and/or money? If these aren’t problems, then we could build exactly what we want, rather than accept possible constraints imposed by SharePoint.
Have we factored in licencing costs? It may be quicker to custom develop something than to purchase a large number of licences. However it is important to consider the long term here as the total cost of custom developments (and ongoing maintanence) could easily end up outstripping licence costs.

Часто получается так что стоимость лицензий ERP системы выше чем стоимость лицензий SharePoint (или они уже есть). В любом случае надо учитывать не только стоимость лицензий но и стоимость железа на обновление фермы в случае значительного увеличения требований к аппаратному обеспечению.

Does the SharePoint toolset align with what we need to do? In other words, can we make it do what we want it to do?
Are we flexible about the way an application works? Do we have the flexibility within the business to accept any constraints imposed by SharePoint?
Are we fussy about how it looks? If we’re planning to use out of the box SharePoint, or tools such as InfoPath, Excel Services, etc then there are going to be constraints on appearance, that the business needs to accept.
How capable/sensible are our users? How much do we trust our users. If they are able to do silly things, will they do them? Will they be comfortable interacting with an application built on SharePoint?
Are we sure about long term complexity? The SharePoint toolsets may allow us to get up and running quickly now, but is our application going to get much more complex, and beyond the capabilities of the toolsets in the future? We don’t want to have to start again from scratch.
Will it comply with our change management/deployment process? Do the mechanisms available to release and update our application meet our requirements for change management?



Источник - http://blog.pointbeyond.com/2011/07/22/should-i-use-sharepoint-for-my-business-application/